Security and Technical Solutions

Within the system, numerous safety - technical solutions are achieved contributing to stability of the system, as well as security of the user. All password data in the database is encrypted and password and login are used by the client as well as by the administrator to login to the system on any level.
By using the SSL certificates and secure Internet communication and https protocol it is possible to provide the largest possible extent of privacy and data safety. This way there is a possibility to install SSL certificate on each client’s workstation in order to allow exam taking from only this PC’s. Applications administration side can also be protected with SSL either by installing the non-exportable certificate to PC from which one can try to login to the system or by using the Smartcard with the certificate. Complete SSL certificate issuing and administration system is built in the myQtest. If intended for public or free use SSL will probably not be used and only login and password will protect system.

In addition to the mentioned, the system provides a large level of robustness in case of breakdown of a client’s, as well as the server computer. In case of a computer breakdown, resp. interruption of communication with the server, by relogging attendants can continue the interrupted exam, taking the following into consideration:

• that the remaining time until the end of the exam is preserved (time at the moment of breakdown)
• that all questions and their answers ‘till the breakdown of the system are preserved

In the mentioned way, even in case of a system crash, upon its turning on again, all attendants will be able to proceed with the interrupted exam, as if there had been no breakdown (crash) at all.



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